Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kaylor Side Halloween Party

It turned out great! We had so many people show up - I say we, but it was really my mil Linda! She has a big halloween party each year, but last year for some reason, she didnt have it. I made pumpkin bars and corn bread muffins, and then there was, oh gosh lets see, veggie soup, ham and beans, tortilla chips salsa cheese, tons and tons of cookies, cupcakes and candy of course, so much to list . We had sooo many cute Kaylor cousins packed into one houseall dressed up in costumes! We all had a great time!!! Here are some fun pictures- Oh I guess i should explain what my kids are: Dylan was Clifford, and Clifford was Dylan, LOL, Marlee was glinda the good witch and stinky baby was Dorothy ( so cute) and my little sydney was a cheerleader! What else did we have there, a clown, a nascar driver, a lion, a monkey, a farmer, a princess, a doctor, a witch, i cant even remember it all!

Stinky Baby as "dorothy from wizard of oz"
Dylan as clifford and clifford as dylan!
marlee, glinda the good witch with her tin man and stinky baby as dorothy
best cousins-- elizabeth and marlee
more best cousins! best friends!
elizabeth and marlee

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Quawana said...

what cute little spooks you have!