Tuesday, October 28, 2008


We have been so blessed! Dylan's staph is completely gone! They did a skin scraping and cultures and the two big boo boo spots ( well there are actually three, but one of them is clearing up) they are actually a new fungal infection. It is like ringworm i guess. His immune system is freaking, its not fighting all these little funky infections that I guess are in the air or something? How the heck is he getting this stuff? this is his FOURTH skin infection in two months. All different ones! Anyway, he has new meds, he is feeling happy that he doesnt have to go to the dermatologist for two whole weeks, and we are thankful.
Unfortunately he is sick with a cold, fever, cough, sneezy, etc. on top of all this, but we are hoping we can just take it easy and deal with it.
I spoke with someone from the jeffrey modell foundation-- www.info4pi.com they are amazing- and they gave me the names of two expert immunologists in st louis. they said that these two people are actual specialists who do research, etc and that they are interested in dylans case. We still have not found the "exact" immune disorder that he has, because no one is taking the time to research it. So I will be contacting them this week. His dr in columbia cant get him in until december 2nd. Something has to happen before then! Im surprised that is what they said because he is supposed to be getting a port and starting IVIG sometime. So we will see what the research specialists say. Im actually really excited to see them, they seem like they will take the time to give me an answer.
ok, that is my update on my sweetie son. He is lying down watching Blues Room and eating a popcorn ball, LOL. He loves halloween! LOL. Thank you for all of your prayers.


Ed said...

whoo hoo. I am so happy he is at least feeling a little better. Sorry he has the cold/flu bug on top of all this.

jill said...

You sound so "put together". I am sure you are just exhausted, but you sound chipper. That is good. It isn't easy being a mommy - especially when our kids are so sick. Glad to hear that he is feeling better.
Hang in there!

The Rich Family said...

I am so glad things are looking better. Give me a call sometime!
Love you!