Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Mornings

It is 7:20 am, and I am sitting here allowing myself a minute to play on the computer, check my email, write in our new blog, etc before jumping into my day. The kids are quietly coloring at the dining room table in their jammies, laughing and talking. I am feeling very blessed. Some people would wonder how-- our only vehicle broke down on saturday, we are flat broke, dylan is sick as usual, there are a million other things i could mention-- but I am blessed. I am blessed to live in the USA, I am blessed to own my own home and to make it a haven. I am blessed to be able to stay at home with my children and love them and teach them. I am blessed to know God, to know that He will help us to find a way to get our vehicle fixed and to continue to somehow let me stay home with the kids. I am blessed that my children love each other and that they have a momma and daddy who love them and who love each other. We have food. We have clothes. They arent the most expensive name brand clothes, in fact alot of them are from yard sales- but they are nice and we are covered, lol. I am blessed to hear my children sing, to watch them ride their bikes in a safe neighborhood, to listen to their games they make up and to snuggle them. I am blessed by so many things. It is monday, I actually like mondays, it is a fresh start to a new week. We have school this week, of course, and I am going to continue to work on making my home a fresh, clean haven. I love my life as momma and wife.

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