Friday, October 24, 2008

Dylan Eric Landon

Ive been meeting so many neat people online lately, who also have children who struggle with some of the same things that my kiddos do. I wanted to take a minute and just blog about each of my beautiful babies. They are sooo special. I am starting with Dylan cause he is the oldest! We've had him the longest LOL. So here is all about my Dyl. He is 7, and he loves transformers, building things and his gamecube that his cousin Mark passed down to him! He is super scary smart and loves to learn, he is a sweetie who will still snuggle, but not call me mama anymore. He is to old for that he says. Im now just mom. But he still climbs into my lap for me to hold him.

He has suffered from many different health issues since he was born, we joke around that if it starts with an "a" he has it: Allergies, Asthma, Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD, and then there is the Primary immunodeficiency. That is the kicker folks. My little guy doesnt have an immune system, so he is sick constantly. He is soo brave. He is truly my hero. Even from the tiniest age, he would just greet the nurses and drs with big smiles and even remembers to tell the nurses and drs who do ouchie things to him, thank you. What an awesome guy. Some of his daily things are, he has many daily medicines that keep him going, he takes special "calorie " drinks twice a day to maintain weight, he homeschools because of his immune system, and we go to the dr alot. He will be starting IVIG this winter, which means an almost 2 hour drive, every two weeks to Columbia where he will hang out in the PICU for about 6 hours having IVS that will hopefully help him to become stronger. He has given us many many scares, little booger, but we love him so much. He is the best big brother and he is the best son. I LOVE HIM!!! Here are some pics of his meds, some of the things he uses daily and just some fun pics!!

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The Rich Family said...

He is such a cute little guy! I wish I could meet your children! Next time I am in Kansas we have to make it work!!!