Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who made such sweet comments on my last post. Life is rough sometimes! But I am grateful to have such sweet friends who lift me right back up and set me in my place -- i love my life as mom and wife!!
It is 7:45 am, and the kids are watching mickey mouse while i attempt to wake up and get my life going. It is cold and rainy, that never helps, but I have high hopes for today! We have a few more books in the fairy tale/folk tale tub from the library to read, then we are done with it! We have quite a few little activities to do and then the normal spelling, reading, math, history and science. Dylan will have piano today and we will also continue to read from our childrens book of mormon stories and little house in the big woods. Oh, and we cant forget that we have alot of playing to do. Lots of fun things!
With Love,

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