Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Slumber Party

Sooo....... after we ate pizza last night, we had a slumber party! Aunt Cait stayed and we watched a special spongebob movie and then attempted to get everyone settled into a bed. It was hilarious, cait and the kids all started out in marlee's bed. Then marlee ended up in bed with me and keith, then i ended up on the couch and sydney ended up in bed with keith and marlee went back to cait. Then somehow, sydney ended up on the loveseat and dylan ended up with keith. Then finally, dylan went to his own bed, marlee went with cait, syd stayed on the loveseat and keith ended up on the couch, and i ended up in our bed. Sheesh. Im tired just thinking about it. lol.
This morning we made a big breakfast of homemade oatmeal, toast with jelly, scrambled eggs, sausage, and oranges! Yum!!
Right now the kids and Aunt Cait are working on the Christmas Crafts and Im trying to catch up with blogging both here and the lds homeschooler blog i have www.ldshomeschoolersRus.blogspot.com and I still need to post pics of everything but my camera is in the car! LOL. It is still early. Only 7:30!!!!!


Quawana said...

LOL We have had these sort of nights in our house too. I finally had to just say everyone has a bed and everyone in their own bed. I still get the once in awhile kid in my bed, but at least we are not bouncing around at night.

Jamie said...

LOL Jaelle thats called Musical Beds!