Monday, October 6, 2008

Brotherly Love

Have I mentioned how much I love my children?? This picture is Dylan painting his sisters nails. She loves pretty things like nail polish and lip gloss. With her autism, we never know when its going to be a good day. Today was a pretty good day. As you can see in the picture, she is in her nightgown and fuzzy robe- this is what she wears when life is getting a bit crazy. She needs to be comfy ( i dont blame her! i want my fuzzy robe on too!) She wanted her nails painted today, and Dylan as a loving big brother, gladly helped her out. Arent they amazing?? My kids are compassionate and loving. What more could I ask for??

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Quawana said...

I just absolutely love it! So sweet. I know you know the site Autismbites. whenever we are having a hard day with Rachel I go in the bathroom and scream it into the towels. That has become my fave saying. Anyway it just made me think of Rachel and how when she is having one of those pooey days my kids try to rally and do nice things for her too. Made me remember even though I wanted to bake them all for dinner tonight that they are sweet and amazing kids!