Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday, the end of a crazy week!

What a week! Dylan has been dealing with the healing of his skin infections, they are painful and itchy, but looking sooo much better. We had all had colds, but are doing better except little dylan who always holds on to everything longer. We have had so much fun this week for school, we have had a very relaxed week of reading, playing games and puzzles and doing lots of play doh and arts and crafts. We have read so many books this week, i thought i would lose my voice !! We have also done alot of cooking- the kids love to help cook and it defintely counts as school, lol.
My grandpa has done well with his first three days of chemo. We are praying so hard for him. He is a good man.
marlee has had a pretty good week this week, she has been doing alot of drawing and creating as always, and today she is snuggled on the couch under the blanket, in her comfy jammies. Yes it is only 5 pm, but she loves her jammies!
Sydney has loved play doh this week! She just adores it and it keeps her very happy!
We have had a pretty good week, just normal i guess.


Jenn-Lee said...

Hello Jaelle, Thank you for saying hello on my MOMENTS blog. I am always happy to meet new friends that home school! Have a great weekend!

Jenn-Lee said...

Sorry I was signed in a seperate gmail account when leaving my comment. I am still trying to get blogger to fix my email sign in. :( Have a great day!