Monday, October 6, 2008

Evening Time

I love evening time. Keith just got home from work and we just ate a yummy bowl of chili and the kids are outside with Keith playing in the backyard. It is so nice out, i have all the windows open, the breeze is perfect, the sun is beginning to set, the world is quieting down, in preperation for bedtime. I am sitting here in my chair, looking out the front door, with the screen up and the breeze is perfect, and i have a perfect view of the sun setting. I can here the kids laughing in the backyard, I feel calm. Soon, the kids and Keith will come inside, we will begin the bedtime routine of baths, and prayer, stories and scriptures. You are not even going to believe this, but just now a huge flock of geese just came flying by. It is defintely a beautiful autumn evening. I have alot of stress in my life, but I have so many blessings. It is times like these, in the quiet of the evening, that I feel so happy.

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