Monday, August 24, 2009

A Day of Firsts

First day of homeschooling for the year, First time that Dylan rode his bike without training wheels, First time Marlee rode her bike without training wheels!!! So many firsts! I am excited out of my mind, that my children both hit such a monumental first, on the same day!!!
School went well, it was nice and calm and easy, to sort of ease us into the swing of things for the year. Doing more tomorrow, and then will hit full time on thursday along with the ps kids.
Happy day to all!


Miranda said...

Way to go, Marlee and Dylan!!! Congrats on a great 1st day of school! :o) I hope the rest of the year goes smoothly.

Bethany said...

Hooray! Riding a bike is so fun, especially when it's on two wheels!