Thursday, June 18, 2009

My patient neighbors

Our neighbors next door are amazing. We have spent lots of time together and their kids and my kids love each other. Marlee and Sydney both have crushes on the two older boys, then they have a 14 yr old daughter and a 7 yr old daughter who love to play with my kiddos. The other night, Marlee really wanted to pet their dog Patches, but she was scared, and my sweet patient neighbor Justin, who is 19, took time to sit down and hold the dog so that Marlee could feel comfortable with petting patches. Now how awesome is that???? We are so blessed with an awesome neighborhood, and neighbors we love. Here is a cute pic. I love marlees face in it, not only is the dog sitting nicely beside her, but so is her justin!


Bethany said...

Little Justin is NOT 19?!?!?! Right?!? So not fair. I cannot be this old. And, I totally can't believe that my cousin lives next to you! More unfairness. And yes, Justin is totally sweet. Tell them hello for me!

Miranda said...

Marlee has good taste. ;o) How nice of him to hold the dog so she could pet him!