Thursday, June 18, 2009

Grandpa Jim

Garner men-- from left to right, Uncle Rusty, Uncle Bob, Grandpa and Uncle Bobby is
in front . This is from Thanksgiving of last year.

My grandpa Jim passed away last Saturday, quietly, while in the arms of his sweetheart of 55 years. He fought a very long, hard battle with cancer, but was an inspiration and good example to us throughout his whole life, including the end, when he was suffering. He will be missed sooo very much, but I just love that man. The visitation was amazing, truly a tribute to how many peoples lives he touched. My grandma, aunt ruth and i ended up having to take our shoes off, we stood in line for so long! I think it ended up lasting almost 5 hours from beginning to end. What an awesome thing. We were blessed to have lots of time with him, to learn from him, to get advice from him, and to just love on him. My kids have happy memories, and I have many many happy memories, to many to even list. He lived an amazing life. Love you soo much Grandpa Jim. Rest in Jesus' arms, you did a great job!


Miranda said...

I'm sorry about your grandpa. He sounds like a wonderful man. Hugs and prayers to your family

That redheaded one said...

oh honny I'm sorry *HUGS* I didn't hear about this till today! I will call you this weekend and We are coming out next weekend unless I get too sick again. Take care hon!