Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Update

John and Sydney, there birthdays are only a week apart!
Sydney the Pirate

Angie and Marlee

Austin and Sydney Fishing

marlee's pretty hair fixed by Angie


My goodness I have been awful at updating my blog, as my beautiful sister in law told me! How I love Krista!!!!!

Let's see, so much going on this summer, I think that is why I havent been updating, to busy and to much fun. We have had some trials, but I will leave those for another day. For now, the fun stuff!!

One weekend we went to Quincy to the midsummers arts faire. We had so much fun roaming around and they had a neat irish band playing with a woman doing irish dancing and me and the girls sat and clapped and watched forever! Then Sydney decided to give it a go, we were dying laughing!! She is such a fun little girl! So smiley and laughs all the time. But she is also darn onery!! Marlee loved getting to make a "funky hat" in the childrens craft section. For those of you who watch wizards of waverly place ( we do!) it was inspired by the song, whats that, a hat, crazy junky funky hat!! It turned out really cute !! Sydney made a hat too, and wore it the whole way through the faire!! She also loved petting all of the puppies that we saw, as people were bringing there dogs to the faire! She adores animals and has decided she wants to be an animal trainer when she grows up!! Dylan made a neat marble painting in the craft booth. He thought that was crazy cool, but was more interested in the construction that was going on in the park. Can't take the builder out of him!!

Marlee got to have a special day with Cousin Angie. I could have just hugged and kissed Ang for doing this for Marlee. Marlee wants to be a cosmetologist when she grows up, just like Ang, so Ang took her to her shop and let Marlee help dye someones hair ( she even got a dollar tip) wash their hair, and more. Then Angie did Marlee's hair up really pretty, and then took her to Burger King, to Goodwill shopping for new hairbows and some cute tshirts, then they went and picked up Angies little boy Alex, and took him to get some pictures. Well, the place that Ang takes her kids to get their pictures also happens to be a bridal and prom shop! So the lady let Marlee look at all the dresses and play dress up and I guess their was a bridal party in there, and they kept asking for Marlee's opinion!! She was in heaven! Then Ang took her home and let her hold their kittens, and play with Andrew and eat lots of ice cream!!! Super fun day!!! Of course when we went to pick her up, she was just glowing with happiness and Sydney could hardly be torn away from the kittens! That child loves animals! Dylan was super happy to play with Andrew!

Another day we got invited to a birthday party for John, Sydneys best little buddy, and we are super good friends with his family. It was a pirate party, with a sprinkler, etc and they had sooo much fun!! So did I watching them play and getting to talk with all the adults!

4th of July was fun. We went to the Arts and Crafts fair at Tom Sawyer Days. Our neighbors sell candles and we go to visit them. We got the girls little halo's with pretty ribbons and they felt so pretty. Dylan got excited because there was an older gentleman who was selling wooden cork guns that he made. Dylan loved it! So of course we bought him one! The older gentleman loved showing Dylan how he made it. It is fun watching my kids interact with other people.

The fireworks were interesting. We parked across the river like always, and it was so foggy, that when the fireworks went off, it looked like a red cloud, lol. So we decided after two or three pretty clouds, that we were going to go closer to Lover's Leap where they were shooting them off. We were sooooo lucky. We parked right at the bottom of the entrance, and opened the sunroof and we all stuck our pretty little heads out the sunroof, and they were perfect!!!! Of course we had to close the window, and just watch, because all the debris was hitting us on the head!!!! It was a wonderful time and we had fun. Marlee decided she wanted us to put on some patriotic music. lol. So we turned on the only patriotic music we could find-- the gospel station had on the statler brothers singing the national anthem!!!! ROFL. Love my babies!!

I took the kids swimming at Mark Twain Lake one morning. They are so cute when they swim. They are each so individual, and I love it. Dylan just plugs his nose and dives under the water and off he goes. Then he tries and butts in on peoples water football games, etc. LOL. He just swims all around. Marlee likes to lay in the shallow water and swish her hair like a mermaid. :)

Sydney wears a little life jacket and just swims all over the place like a fish. She still swims like she did the past two years, she put her legs behind her like a frog and off she goes!! We built some sand castles and had a fun time.

Tonight Marlee is having a sleepover with Nana and Pop Pop. They went to eat at "crab rangoon" which is Hunan. Then they went to the Dollar Tree and bought a piggy bank, lol. Then they had a pillow fight. I just checked in to say goodnight and they were watching a movie she picked out!!

Keith has been fighting a kidney stone, but thinks will be ok. Happy things for this post!!!

We have enjoyed playing outside, making lots of goodies, and catching fireflies. Perfect summer!

The other day our neighbors took us fishing at Huckleberry Park. Sooo fun!! Dylan was so excited. He did great !! Sydney sat with Austin, our neighbor and he actually caught a fish while she was helping him!! A beautiful day in the park!!

Ok, enjoy the pics!!

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Krista Miller said...

Thanks for the update! I love the pictures...makes me miss you guys so much!