Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Marlee is getting baptized!!!

Well the time has finally come. I knew getting the pool would help! My Marlee girl has several physical health problems and autism. She was scared to death of the water and to afraid to get baptized. Now that shes been in the pool for about 3 weeks off and on, she asked daddy to practice baptizing her. Then she announced a couple days ago that she was getting baptized on sunday! LOL!!! Thank goodness it all worked out ok! Worst weekend of summer but she says its cool cause its fourth of july weekend and she said she prayed and God was happy. Those of you that know Marlee know she is one of Heavenly Fathers most precious spirits with a very close personal relationship with Christ. I would love it if you would comment and write a note to her, so that we can print this out and add it to her baptism book that my sis is making her. She made one for Dylan and it is one of his ( and my) most cherished possesions! Everyone is invited, regardless of your faith, tomorrow at the LDS Chapel on Centerville road, around 1 pm!! Don't forget to comment and leave her a note! :)
with love, Marlee Sarah Beths momma :)


Miranda said...

Congratulations Marlee!!! I know you must be so excited to be baptized! You are a very special young lady, and Heather Father is so pleased that you decided to be baptized. I wish you all the best on your special day. :o)

Bethany said...

Congratulations, Marlee! Getting baptized is such a big step in your life. You made a great decision.

ajpabst said...

We were so happy to have been at your baptism. I'm sure Heavenly Father was very happy with your decision.