Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Four day weekend

We were blessed to have a four day weekend. It was long and kind of crazy, but it was nice. We have all been sooo tired, from stress and life, so we spent alot of time resting, watching movies and cuddling. Keith got all the yardwork done yay, and we worked in the house too, but mostly we had fun. We took the kids for ice cream cones at the park, and we went for a long evening walk last night, and almost made it home before the rain came!! We just had nice family time. Now it is back to business, sort of. Keith is back to work, but the rest of us, well we are going to enjoy our official summer vacation. Today we are building a tent in Marlees room. That is her request. LOL should be fun.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!

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That redheaded one said...

Sounds like a good start to summer to me. <3 you guys