Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday May 6th

Grandpa Jim in his "cool hair" after his first chemo treatments.

I have been so bad about updating. Life has been very hard and crazy lately. I am babysitting to help out my inlaws, and I have had six kids under the age of 7! So hard !!!! But it is fun and I know im helping! Tomorrow I dont have any kids but my own, then friday I have all 6 again.

Today was funny, I only had Pearson, and the kids were hilarious with him. They are in love! Well, except for Syd, she had some jealousy issues today. Which is funny because yesterday when they were all here, she was fine! But she told me, " that little genius is trying to steal my mommy!!!" So cute! Pearson is not even a year old yet, but apparently he is an evil little genius who has a plot to steal her mom! LOL.

Im trying to rest up tonight, my grandpa is not doing well at all, and it is a stress and hard on our family. No one wants to see someone they love suffer, and it just makes it hard. I am thankful that I have good memories. I am sad for my kids, they are only 7,6, and 4 and they will have already lost 3 very close family members. They are so awesome though. So brave and have such strong testimonies. They are so sure of the Plan of Salvation and they know that there loved ones are safe and happy. That is a blessing to me, to be able to feel there strong spirits. They have such pure faith. Love it.

Other than that, we are just hanging out, waiting for it to dry out so we can continue planting our garden, and working on finishing up our school year and planning a new one! Im excited about it already. Had a good day today, just long and stressful, but I love my family and my home and have so many blessings. Ok, im off to bed. Its only 8 pm, but Im spent, lol.

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