Monday, May 18, 2009

A full weekend

We had a very full weekend. Im trying to remember everything we did! Its still early though! lol. Let's see. Saturday we took the kids to Grandma Ulrys and dylan and keith helped fix a bathroom sink and then the kids stayed and played while Keith and I ran some errands ( yup, that was a date to us.) After we got the kids we headed home and basically were kind of lazy the rest of the day! Sunday morning Dylan woke up very very sick, so we started on breathing treatments, sinus rinses, etc to get him breathing again. Yuck. I headed to Barry after we got Dylan all fixed up and comfy, to visit my grandpa and my parents. They are now living in Barry with my grandparents because grandpa cant really move well. So I visited with them, walked down the street to see my cousins LeeAnn and Noah, then headed back home. We straightened up the house then sat down as a family to have scriptures and watch Legacy. We love the movie because Keith is in it!!!! It always makes us appreciate what we have. We are so thankful for our legacy. We went to Keiths parents house and got a tub of horses, the breyer kind and set them up in Sydneys room, Went to my parents house and got two boxes of books, one chapter books, and one regular kid books, and then we set them up in the kids rooms, so it was fun to look through the books. Today so far I have done the dishes, made a lasagna, mowed the back yard, straightened the house and started laundry. Im pooped!

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