Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cabin Fever

Well, we have had ice, snow, and today it is supposed to be just cold, then this evening- a terrible ice storm lasting all through tomorrow. So we are experiencing cabin fever in the Kaylor household. So I am going to attempt to get the kids out today and run just a couple errands, then we are going to try and break up some of the cabin fever by finishing a couple of christmas projects. A present for my parents, and then making the pretzel goodies for the neighbors etc.
We will throw in a little schoolwork and read a christmas book or two, and hopefully we will all feel a little better so we can get through the next spell of storms.


Miranda said...

I hate cabin fever. Have fun with your unfinished projects! And be safe running errands. I don't miss the snow and ice one bit.

jill said...

I envy you!!! We would love a dose of cabin fever. :) LIving in the south doesn't allow for much of that. :)
Post some more snow pictures - my kids love to see them!