Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

What a mess. Ice all night, then fog this morning, so I guess it is beginning to thaw a bit. Anyway, it is gross! All the schools are closed, but Keith is still heading to quincy for work. We have a four wheel drive suv, so hopefully he wont have any problems.
Im sitting here at 6:30 am letting Sydney brush my hair. lol. After Im finished here on the computer Im going to start cleaning. I have this "thing" where I always have to have my house cleaned really really nicely by christmas. Even as a kid, I would clean my room really well, before Christmas, it was a fresh start to put all my goodies away LOL!!!! So, today Im cleaning, then tomorrow we are working as a family on the rest of the little projects and gingerbread houses and treats etc. So we will be ready for Christmas. Finally. It is just so strange, Christmas seems to have just snuck up and im not feeling particularly festive. Sheesh. :)
Love, JL


That redheaded one said...
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That redheaded one said...

be safe it warmed up today out here I even had my coat unbuttoned on my way to work. I'm so excited for the start of Holiday break tomorrow I couldn't tell you. What are you doing next week I will be in Barry after Monday.