Thursday, December 25, 2008

A very very merry christmas!

What an awesome holiday we have had! It is early evening on Christmas night, the tree lights are on, and we are all sitting at the dining room table listening to my beautiful, smart 7 year old read us a bedtime story! We have a cute book called five minute bedtime stories from sesame street ( im a HUGE sesame street fan, lol) anyway, it is so amazing to me to hear my son read to the family. He is growing up so fast. Just watching my kids this holiday season has really struck a chord in my heart, they are growing up so fast and I want to make sure that I remember every little detail of it. I have such happy childhood memories and I hope my babies will have them too.

Yesterday for Christmas eve we headed to my parents for presents, and my mom had made the yummy cutout christmas cookies that my sister and I used to make together every year. It was awesome! We also had yum pizza rye bread. My aunt vonnie was there and we all sat around and watched the kids open there presents and we exchanged small, inexpensive gifts for the adults, which was so awesome to me, and I have to brag for a minute.... my babies are so gracious. I was so proud of them. Every little gift they were so happy and joyful and grateful. They are so wonderful, because they know what Christmas is about, and they repeat it often and to perfect strangers ( like the lady at the video store, lol) Christmas is about giving, and most of all about Jesus, our Savior. Even my four year old tells everyone this. Ok, im done bragging, which I really shouldnt be bragging, because it isnt me who makes them like this- they are just wonderful spirits. After a nice christmas at my parents, we came home for a little bit for potty breaks, a bit of playing with new toys, then we headed to Keiths parents. That was also a lot of fun. His brother Cory and his wife Sara were there, with there beautiful babies Ivy and Braden. We all sat around, ate lots of meatballs and little smokies and opened presents, once again, it was for the kids, and the adults didnt really exchange gifts ( well, I take that back, we bought his parents a new toilet seat !!!!!! ( sydney said the other one pinched her bum, and it did, there was a crack in it! ROFLMBO!!!!) and we all just talked and played and had such a good time. Unfortunately my little nephew braden accidently fell down the steps and busted his lip up good, so there was plenty of action and drama, but he was okie dokie by the time we left.

Once we got home, it was bedtime and we were pretty excited because Santa was coming! The kids went to bed awesome-- but woke up at 1 am, 2 am, well, you get the picture! At 5 am, we finally said, FINE!! you can open presents LOL!!! Santa was good to us this year! The kids each got something they really wanted, Dylan got a neat power rangers mega zord, Marlee got a pink game"girl", and Sydney got a poodle with clothes, a bulldog, and a kitty cat ( she loves animals) plus a bunch of other fun little gifts. Keith and I bought a joint present this year, something we needed-- a new pooper scooper for the dog! We thought it was hilarious, that shows you what a fun couple we are!!!!

Today was spent in our jammies, playing with ALL the toys!! We had soo much fun! Then tonight we had a nice little sit down dinner, of hamburger helper, broccoli and cheese, cinnamon applesauce and buttered bread. lol. easy peasy! We were going to make homemade pizza, but we have all been soo sick with colds and sinus issues, that we just took it easy!

Here are a couple picks, one from my parents house, and one from keiths parents house. Unfortunately, my silly camera batteries died late last night after all the stores were closed, so no pics of today, but they are in my memory!

Merry Christmas my loved ones. Whoever reads this is defintely a loved one of mine, and I pray so hard that each of you know Jesus. That is the important thing!

My parents house

Keiths parents house with cousin Ivy in the middle

Merry Christmas , Love, jaelle


Stacey said...

It sounds like you guys had such a fun Christmas. Your kids are so adorable and they do the cutest things! I cant wait to meet them! My family all came to see me and my family in Arizona this year. It was a lot of fun. They left really early this morning and I am sad. I miss having a house full. It is too quiet and lonely now. Anyways, I am glad you had such a special Christmas with your little family. Thanks for sharing!
Love you!

The Rich Family said...

I don't know why this says I'm Stacey?? How do I fix this?! I am still clueless with this Blog stuff!!LOL!