Friday, December 19, 2008

Fat Pics of me on Facebook... I have motivation now

Well, I have motivation to lose weight now. My aunt whom I love soo much, really i do, but she posted pics of me and our family on facebook. I have gained alot of weight since my first pregnancy, seven years ago, and three babies right in a row, and a major illness, I have gained alot of weight. And Im mortified. But I had made a safe cocoon where no one really saw me and I didnt have to worry about being " embarrassed" by my weight. So , now I have motivation. Im going to lose weight. Im ready to be healthy and not embarrassed. I will never be 90 lbs again, but I can be healthy and try very hard to accept myself for who I am, a wonderful fun crazy awesome girl! Who just happens to be fat ROFL!!! So, here is a pic for the world to see, of how I look now. Yup. Im doing it, Im posting a pic of me. So maybe, in a year, I will post another picture of me!! Smaller me, LOL!!

To all who see me, please still love me.


by the way, that gorgeous guy with me in the pic- thats my hunky hubby.


Miranda said...

I hate when that happens. I saw back view pictures of myself at our pack meeting this week and I thought 'Ewww! Is that me?'. Time to start working out here, too. Maybe we can motivate each other?

Krista Miller said...

Cute picture of you two. But, you need to tell my little bro to re-think the yellow glasses. He's has always wanted to be a little different.......