Monday, December 15, 2008

Im the mom who......

im the mom who:
*makes her kids theme lunches, such as an all orange lunch, on orange plates with orange juice to drink, ravioli's, carrots,cheetos and oranges.
*plays barbies and colors for so long, she forgets to do the dishes and the laundry.
*will put on pretend deer antlers and crawl around the house so that her kids can pretend to hunt her during deer season.
*will sit under the table , under blankets, to go to pluto in a rocket ship, all the while reminding my children to put on there heavy coats, because we all know it is cold on pluto.
*will spend a whole afternoon digging up worms, and putting them in a bowl, just so her kids can look at them, becausethey are to squeamish to touch them.
*jumps on the trampoline, teaches her kids to skateboard, and loves to give temporary tattoos.
*is still forgetting to do the laundry and dishes because her kids wanted to know what happens when you put a celery stalk in red dyed water.
*excuses her home and has to push aside millions of kid books and science projects so that guests can sit onthe couch or eat at our table.
*still rocks her 7 year old to sleep when he's sick.
*will sit behind the couch for an hour with a puppet on her hand, talking in a voice that sounds a little like peewee herman and kermit the frog all together, cause thats the best she can come up with as far as puppet voices.
*still loves to read the teeny bopper magazines and then helps her daughters hang up the posters in their bedrooms and sort of wishes she could hang one up in her bedroom. sorry hubby! lol.
*loves her kids no matter what, forever and ever and ever. will never be perfect, but hopefully will always be loved.


Miranda said...

You're the fun mom! I love your answers.

The Rich Family said...

You are such a cute fun mommy! I can just imagine you doing all those things! I want to come play with you guys, and so does Jacob!!:(

Jamie said...

Jaelle you are awesome.

Wildwood Mama said...

Ok, that was just awesome. You are so sweet!