Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wild Weekend Weather

This weekend, the weather has been truly odd. On around thursday, it was icy, so much that we couldnt get out of our driveway, and it was freezing freezing cold. Friday, the same, but a little warmer. Friday night and all of Saturday we had tornados. Im sooo not kidding, the sirens were on and off all night and all day. We had terrible storms and the high was 72. How wierd is that???? Then today, it is about 22 out and freezing again. Wierd weather. Tis the latter days I guess.

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Miranda said...

I know what you mean about the weird weather. We've had 70 degree temps for the last week and, Christmas Eve we also had a tornado touch down. Thankfully it wasn't close to my neighborhood and no one was hurt, but it did cause my hubby to be late coming home(he's a sheriff's deputy). Stay safe & warm!