Monday, January 5, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Ok, this is my first official menu plan monday!!! sponsored by which is one of my favorite sites!
This is actually a menu from last week, but i was sick, so we are using it this week!!
I will also be trying to post more menus as I get them organized!
I am also working on my other two sites: and and putting some new menu plans on those too!

Have an awesome monday everyone!!

Breakfasts:Pancakes ( made ahead and in freezer)
Waffles ( made ahead and in freezer)
toast with jam
soup and sandwiches
pb and j, with popcorn
mac and cheese with veggies
fish sticks and tater tots
bean burritos and chips and salsa
chicken patties with veggies
crackers, cheese, sausage, fresh fruit ( peaches and strawberries), fruit smoothies, carrot sticks and dip
tacos, chips and salsa, bean burritos
bbq chicken, french fries, veggies and fruit
hamburgers/cheeseburgers, mac and cheese or veggies with rice, fruit and veggies
homemade pizza and brownies!! ( friday family pizza night with a movie!)
cheesy italian shells, homemade bread, fruit and veggies
chili with cracker and peanut butter and fruit
carrot sticks
fruit snacks/dried frui
tcookies ( made up ahead and in a bag)

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Julie said...

Your menu sounds great; glad I stopped by! I really like your blog. I have 3 babies under 4yrs. so I can relate. :) Happy New Year!