Saturday, January 17, 2009

so much news....

i have so much to write, but im so dang sick!!! i have a severe kidney infection that is screwing with my iron levels, so i feel not so great. but.... we have a new baby in our family!!! no pictures yet, we will take some tomorrow, but keith and i have been searching for just the right male english bulldog to add to our family and we found him today! His name is Memphis and he is gorgeous!!! he loves roxie already and she loves him too and so we are hoping things will go well. the kids love him too!
I have been working hard on the lds family and homeschool zoo day, and it is so exciting.
lets see what else. we had a nice time in st louis today getting memphis and going to petsmart for the fur babies. we now have three dogs and three kids! what a family!!!
a big happy chaotic family! how i love them all!!!!!
well im headed to bed, im feeling very very not well, so im hoping to get some good sleep.
our neice ivy's birthday party is tomorrow and of course church, so we will see how things go!
Love, JL


Jodi said...

Ugh... I feel for you on your kidney infections! Them things hurts! I am glad that I have not had them in a few years. Hope that you get over it soon and feel better! Oh my! I so want (and have wanted for a long time) a English Bulldog. But the only ones we can find are 1200.00 Charles says no about that price all the time. Enjoy him.

That redheaded one said...

Oye that sounds like so much to do. I am glad your now feeling better keep your chin up. HUGS!