Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Velveteen Rabbit

For family reading time in the evenings i have been following a list of classic literature and we finished the Velveteen Rabbit tonight. I always tear up when I read this story, it was my favorite when i was a child and it was the first book i ever bought dylan. i read the long classical version of it and tomorrow we will start on a new story, Raggedy Andy stories. Im excited because this is one of the few books from the list that i havent personally read! So it will be super fun!
I love this tradition in our family. This quiet comfy time before bed where we snuggle in the living room and use our imaginations and I love reading to my children. Sometimes when i think im not a very good mommy, i think of how I personally feel when i do this, and it brings a smile to my heart. I love my babies and i will continue to keep trying my best for them.

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That redheaded one said...

I think your the only person my mom didn't force a copy of that book on when we were growing up. Likely because you came late enough she assumed you had already read it long ago. Mom has made it one of her missions in life to make everyone read that book to their kids until they get what it means to be REAL. It's like her way of preaching.