Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Homemaking chores for Tuesday January 13,2009

Busy day so far! I love when I feel productive, like im doing what my heavenly father wants me to do as a wife , homemaker and mother! Ok, so this morning woke up and made the kiddos breakfast, sausage and yogurt. They watched a movie while I got cleaning. I straightened up the living room and dining room, swept them both, then SCRUBBED the kids bathroom. My four year old has a thing with toothpaste and toilet paper. 'nuff said. gross. Anyway, after that was done, I got to work on making some homemade amish bread. I grew up in Ohio, about an hour from Amish country. I love their way of life, i long for their way of life, the simplicity etc and I adore their bread HA HA. So I made some today and the kids helped me which was super fun, they love kneading and punching down the dough! so do it, great stress reliever. After that I got a chicken out and put it in the oven to roast while the bread was rising. We will have bbq chicken tonight and then I will use the leftovers for more meals for the week. Tomorrow I am taking out a 5 lb thing of hamburger and making meals out of it. So I should have at least 6 or 7 meals in the freezer for us to have. Yay! After that I sat down for a bit while the kids worked on puzzles and watched nanny mcphee and I crocheted a washcloth. I love crocheted washclothes. That is all i want to use to wash dishes i swear. My obsession began when my grandma first made me one when i first got married. now i get one from her every year for christmas, plus i can make them myself now too. This one took about an hour and then I used it to wash dishes!! After I washed the dishes I made leftover pasta for lunch for us and after the kids ate, they played in their rooms for quiet time. I sat down to check email etc. So im waiting now on the bread to be ready to pop in the oven, and the chicken to come out of the oven. Not sure what else I will do today, oh yeah, we have to have school still of course, but other than that. Not bad for today!!

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Jill said...

OH! I would LOVE to chat with you about this post!! Mostly about the whole "feeling productive" deal and the amish way of life! :)
First, (and we can expound in email) 2 nephi tells us that after the Lamanites and Nephites split, the Nephites were INDUSTRIOUS and lived after the manner of HAPPINESS. I just read that the other day and was struck at how simple the plan is - stay busy - be happy. :) You know . . . anxiously engaged in a good cause . . . idle hands are the devil's workshop, etc. ha ha. Anyway, there is some deep truth to that! Take Elder Perty's talk "Let Him Do it with Simplicity" - he talks about Henry David Thoreau's time at Walden Pond . . . Thoreau didn't just sit by the water and think all the time. He was BUSY - he had 2 1/2 acres of beans that he harvested - by himself. He built his own home, made his own food, etc. AND, he was HAPPY. :)
Now, the Amish - - we have many Rod and Staff school books (they depict the Amish/Mennonite lifestyle). We also have Pathway Readers (they depict that same lifestyle). My kids LOVE them. I LOVE them. I love the simple lives we read about. My boys even ask to call me "Mother". lol.
I would love to see their farms and homes. I bet that experience would be awesome. You are blessed to have seen them "in action". :)
Anyway, thanks for your post. I am glad to know that I am not alone in my admiration for the Amish way of life . . and their bread. ha ha!