Thursday, January 22, 2009

Family Update for my friends and family

Hello everyone! I have invited some friends to view my blog, so I thought I would do a little "catch-up" for everyone and also for posterity LOL!!!!

We still live in hannibal, in a little house off west ely . It is perfect for us, has a big yard, etc and we love to play outside when it is nicer out of course. Im married to Keith, the brother of my best friend in later high school years. It worked out just great! He is amazing, the best daddy and husband. He just graduated college last year and works in quincy. I am really lucky to be a stay at home mommy and this year i have closed my online store so i can just be home and happy. i used to have an online used book store, that did really well, but took alot of time, so now, i am concentrating on my babies. i homeschool them, and we really enjoy it. My son dylan has an immune system deficiency so it really keeps him healthier to hang out at home in the cold and flu season especially, but he still has lots of great friends at church, etc. he is my transformer nut, loves anything to do with science and numbers, and is the most compassionate little boy i know. marlee is my beauty. she is six and has autism. it doesnt get her down though! she has made such huge leaps and bounds, you can hardly even tell she has it! she is an artist, both in drawing and in music. she has perfect pitch and angelic voice and loves to share it! sydney is our little troublemaker! she is a joy, says the funniest things ever, has a big ole belly laugh and gets into trouble at least 5 times a day!! she is very energetic, but brings the joy into our family as we laugh at the messes she gets herself into !

we have three dogs now ( which is interesting because i dont like dogs. LOL) our black lab sam is an " inheritance" from keiths aunt who passed away very tragically last summer, just five weeks after we lost our nephew ( what a year it was last year.) and he is an outside " farm" dog and he is gorgeous and we love him! Roxie is our half bulldog, half bassett hound and she is the queen of the house ( also the moose! LOL. ) and our new addition that im currently SELLING, is memphis, he is a full blooded english bulldog with champion bloodlines, so anyone interested make an offer!!!!!!!!!!

as for me, i still love the same things i used to, reading, writing, gabbing at my friends on the phone, scrapbooking, playing piano and writing songs ( still cant sing, lol) and my new love is blogging. i also adore photography and learning how to take better pics of my kids. i am in the process of attempting to lose weight, i gained alot of weight when i got sick two years ago ( much better now, but still on meds) and it caused a very large weight gain, which im now actively trying to lose! im a member at and try to track my workouts etc.

my house is comfy and somewhat messy and we love it, you will have to move books over to sit down, or possibly move a science project off the table to eat, but you are always welcome to come eat and be with us at our house!!!!

to all my friends and family, i love you so much and im so thankful to have you in my life!!!!


Miranda said...

A great update and a very nice picture of you and the kids!

The Rich Family said...

I cant wait to come visit you and your beautiful children in your cute, messy house!:) Your life sounds very comfortable and happy and I'm so glad that we are in touch again! Love you!

Audrey, Russ, and Carson said...

I enjoyed your update. It sounds like things are going well and I'm happy for you! You should check out my blog every now and then, I haven't been the best about updating it but it's on my to do list! I like the new picture by the way!

Ed said...

send me an email with photos of your dog for sale. I think I found someone who may buy him. She wants to see him, know the price you are looking at, etc. The English Bulldog is one of her favorite breeds.

Jodi said...
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