Thursday, January 8, 2009

Its almost the weekend...

Hallelujah! There is nothing exciting going on this weekend, I just need a break! Im actually getting one tonight for a bit, my grandma is making us dinner and the kids are going to hang out at Keiths parents while Keith and I drive to Barry together to pick up dinner! It will be a kind of date!! Fun!
The girls are under the dining room table with blankets and pillows watching a movie and dylan is hanging out on the loveseat with his transformers watching a movie and Im getting a chance to update the lds zoo day page and get the latest gossip, like..... they are keeping Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black in new moon!! Yay! I love him! He totally makes a great jacob. Ok, now back to my world, lol.
Im waiting for the mail right now, keep hoping that the w-2 will be in the mailbox, that means tax return time!! Finally. We can get some things we have really been needing. Heavenly Father has taken care of our needs, but now that my car is broke down again, and there are a few bills that need paid, etc. we are eagerly awaiting tax return!!!!
Hmm.... cant think of anything else to say at this moment. Life is calm right now. Just the way I like it.

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