Wednesday, January 21, 2009

100 posts!!

w0w, that is pretty cool! 100 posts on this blog so far!
This weekend was interesting, we got a new dog, i freaked out from having way to much responsibility, and now it is wednesday and im trying to get in a routine. a nice routine.
so far today i have taken both doggies out, got their breakfast and had their playtime, they are in their pens for naps, and i have now given my babies breakfast, and we have all exercised! woo hoo! now i am resting from exercising and then we are going to start school around 8 am. today i still have lots of housework, etc but im thankful for so many things.
we have paid all our bills, ive done some of my visiting teaching for the month, we went to nauvoo yesterday just me and keith and had a date, my babies are happy and somewhat healthy right now, we have a warm house, so many blessings. im so thankful.

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The Rich Family said...

I'm so glad you two were able to get away, and go to Nauvoo too! I bet it was a nice date! You will have to tell me about it when I finally call you!!! Sorry I am such a bad friend!!