Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cold and Windy with a chance of snow......

Its freezing here!!! It is freezing in many places in our country and Im in constant prayer for those who dont have the warm heat that we have in our home. I am so blessed that not only does my husband have a job ( yeah it doesnt pay great, but it is a full time job) but that he is an HVAC man, lol, meaning he can fix our furnace if something should happen. We live in comfort. Some people may look at our home and laugh and think it is not amazing, not a mansion by any means, etc but our home is happy and comfortable. That is what counts.
The kids are playing nicely this morning. Dylan is battling something on his gameboy, and the girls are turning Syd's room into a baby nursery. Very cute!! I have held many baby dolls this morning as they have had their " baths" and had their new clothes put on, and a ride in the stroller, etc.
They wind is so strong outside, Im just so thankful that my babies are warm and playing nicely, that we are blessed to have toys and food and such. I will be making 4 or 5 meals today to put into the freezer, another blessing. So far today I have worked on the dishes while doing a challenge from a group of awesome friends who work together to be healthy, anyway, you do lunges and squats while you do dishes, talk on phone, etc. whew. im burning already and it is only 8:30 am!!! Today my main homemaking goal is laundry and baking the meals from the 5 lb hamburger roll. The kids will sit with me later and do school. We are working hard and they are doing great. They are pretty ahead for their age, but they are happy and enjoy it and i only have them do about an hour of work a day, then the rest is super fun!
Im going to go check to make sure we have nothing blown away, and once again thank my Heavenly Father for all He gives me and pray for those who dont have warmth or shelter.

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