Sunday, November 2, 2008

A crazy halloween!!

Dylan with his new friend at the Assisted Living Apts near our home.
Marlee making new friends!

My BEAUTIFUL Children, Marlee as Glinda the good witch,
Dylan as Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Sydney as a Fashion Model!

Snuggling Nana at Aunt Vonnies House!

Happy Halloween Aunt "bunny" ( that is what they
used to call my aunt vonnie!! Cute huh!)

Well, halloween started out interesting, the kids were not feeling well, but felt good enough to go to the jack o lantern jamboree in quincy. So we headed off and just as i was turning off the highway to pick my mom up ( she wanted to come along!) my car died. Again. Right off the highway. Dang car. I have had the worst trouble with it. I LOVE it, it is soooo cute and it is just perfect for us, seven passenger, huge sunroof, gorgeous suv, anyway, it is really having issues with timing belts, etc. So, we walked to my moms and she drove us into hannibal, we took the kids trick or treating to my aunt vonnies and then we headed home. After Keith got off work, and towed the car home, we borrowed keiths parents van and headed out. Here are the pics!

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