Thursday, November 13, 2008

thursday update

Well, life is busy as usual. It is early morning and the sky is gorgeous! pink!! what a beautiful thing to make me remember that god loves me. Today we will be doing school, and then i have a bunch of things to ship for my store and then we will be continuing to work on getting our house completely cleaned out. I am already excited about decorating for christmas this year. Although i ADORE thanksgiving, so I refuse to do anything for christmas until after thanksgiving. But im thinking about it, lol. Its ok to think. Just not actually do anything. I am so upset at the people who are already putting their christmas stuff outside- hello, lets please have thanksgiving! it is one of my favorites!! i have so much to be thankful for and i want that day darn it!!
I will be cleaning my entire house out this next week, and then the day after thanksgiving i will be decorating it for christmas. im then going to post pics!!
So, what else, lets see. The tutu's turned out sooo cute for the girls, dylan is still working on his hat he is making. I am working on my store, making cute baby things to sell, and of course christmas presents ( i do make the exception for christmas presents, because im making alot of them, shhhh dont tell!!) i need time. lol. What else is going on, umm..... Keith is still working hard at Keck Heating and Air in quincy. He was in Golden yesterday on a new construction and not sure where he will be today. He is getting awesome experience and we are still so shocked that he is an actual college graduate. It is crazy to think that we went through that!! Of course, our first payment on the student loans is due next month. That will shock us in to reality LOL!!!!!
Dylan was invited to a party in st louis for kids with primary immunodeficiencies ( what he has) and it is supposed to be pretty awesome, and for the whole family, but we're not sure if we are going to go or not-- it doesnt start until 7 pm and we would have to drive home from st louis late, which normally isnt a big deal, but marlee will freak. that is autism for ya. We are still thinking about it. We want dylan to have the opportunity to make friends who also go through what he does. We most likely will go. They took Marlee and Sydneys names too, so they will be getting presents from santa there too. That is pretty cool. Yep, i think we will go.
What else. Im still working hard on the lds family zoo day. It was a huge conference, but is now just a fun zoo day. and its going well, i have lots of stuff for the goody bags, etc and im excited! it is in march next year.
I think that is about it for right now. My grandpa just finished his second round of chemo, doing pretty good that way. Just have to keep praying. Our mazda mpv that we have, is running again, thank you keith, he is so awesome to have around. We are pretty blessed.
Love, Jaelle


Miranda said...

You are amazing! I don't know how you do everything you do.

Miranda said...

Oh, and I totally hear you on the whole Christmas decorations being out so soon. I like to keep my holidays separated, too. I usually put my tree up the day after Thanksgiving.

Momtothreebabies said...

we LOVE the day after thanksgiving. Lots of yummy leftovers, and we break out all the christmas decorations and have a blast! I have to have my thanksgiving, but the day after, is open season for christmas LOL
Love, Jaelle