Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Early Morning Play Time

It is 7am and my kids are awake and running !! I love early morning time. I work on the computer while they play. RIght now, the girls have the dogs big metal "play pen" ( dont know what else to call it) up in the dining room, with pillows, etc in it and they are playing doggie. Sydney is barking and is lying on a pillow and even has bowl of water. Marlee is reading her "puppy" a book. Poor Roxie our real dog, is sitting outside the pen thinking, what the heck?? LOL.
The kids did better through the night last night. The delsym really helps break up the yuckies in their chest with their croup. I recommend it to anyone. That is what our favorite pediatrician told us to use before she up and left us to move back closer to her family. mean ole dr wise LOL.
We loved her sooo much. But she was a smart cookie and we always rely on the delsym when they get croup. We just have to keep a very very close eye on dylan. So far so good, just fevers and coughing. We have to watch for him to get wheezy and asthma. He is doing ok right now.
Received a late night phone call from his dermatologist at about 8:30 pm- wanted to check on him and let us know that the results came back that his owies on his legs and ankles were defintely fungal and that the meds he is on now should help-- they are! I was so happy to tell her that it is getting better. Another thing down. Poor guy. He was so sick yesterday and today he is very tired from it. Im letting him camp out on the floor in a blanket and play gamecube.
We do have to do school today, but it will be fun, and laid back. I dont want to take to long of a break. We do so much reading etc that I dont feel to bad when we take days off for sickness.
Well, lets see, what else do i have to write about this beautiful day-- it really is already beautiful. the sun is rising so pretty and it makes me happy. Keith is home today with a vacation day. Our car parts came in yesterday so today he fixes my car-- again. lol. He bought a really nice timing kit so hopefully it will work very well. I am very blessed to have a hubby who can fix pretty much anything-- he is so talented. He has saved us sooo much money over the years with car fixups, house fixups, etc. What a blessing.
oh, this is so cute, marlee is rubbing sydneys belly-- her puppys belly i mean, lol. syd is just sucking it up, little booger!!! My kids are so cute.
I have some cute pics to upload here. One of them is a pic i took the other day, Keith fell asleep on the couch after work, and the kids were very busy. that is all i will say. LOL. I will get the pic uploaded and on here today!!!

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Jodi said...

Glad that they are feeling a bit better today.divi