Thursday, November 20, 2008


We have had an interesting week. Took the kids to nauvoo the other day. Long trip, good day, but dylan is sick of course from it. Unfortunately me and keith are also fighting a cold, so we are all grumpy LOL. I am excited because today I actually get to sit down with dylans medical records from hannibal clinic and write down all the infections, etc he has had and try and get stuff organized for his trip to columbia december 5th. We are praying that he will be healthy enough to get his port and start his IVIG. We will see how it goes. Im actually excited about sitting in a room with a lady staring at me so i dont "steal" anything and look at papers. how fun! But it is a start. We will get something figured out. We have to.
So today the kids are watching movies, marlee has been scrapbooking, sydney has been playing with playdoh and dylan has been sneezing, lol, and playing gameboy. The kids have also set the little car dvd player up in their room and they are watching veggietales on marlees bed! so cute.

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Jamie said...

Aw bummer Jaelle I'm sorry about that!