Monday, November 17, 2008

Vacation Plans, LOL

So Marlee says to me, mom I need a tropical vacation. I said , well, what would you do on your tropical vacation. She says she would lay out and get a suntan. I think that sounds wonderful! Unfortunately, we live in missouri, it is about 35 degrees right now, and we have no money HA HA.
So, Keith told the kids, if you could have a vacation at home, what would you do?? So they got out the paper last night and pens and made a list. SOOO CUTE.
So, today, while Keith is at work, we are going to run a couple of errands that have to be ran, bank etc. and then we are going to begin, working our way down the vacation lists. We have had so much stress in our lives lately, my babies deserve a vacation!! We will still be doing some school, mainly gospel and scriptures and lots of reading as usual, and I have some books from the library on thanksgiving that are going to be fun. Here are the girls vacation lists- Dylan just wants to play gamecube, thanks again Aunt Ruth and cousin Mark!!! He loves it! It makes him happy, especially when he is sick, which unfortunately is hanging over us right now, fevers, coughing and he has had severe headache, but today seems to be doing much better, so we cross our fingers! Ok, here are the lists!
Marlee's Vacation List:
1- get a massage
2-candle lit bath
3-make paper dolls
4-get a make over
5-go to the salon
6-play volleyball with a friend
7-play on bounce around ( big blow up castle bouncy thing we have)
8-get a wagon ride
9-sleigh ride for christms ( will have to figure this one out still, lol)
10-play outside

Sydney's Vacation List
1-Take a bath with candles
2-wagon ride through the leaves
3-hold pixie
4-car ride
5-hold roxie
6-get a sleigh ride in the snow

So, you can be sure I will be taking pictures this week, as we have our "vacations" and will be posting them, because this is just to cute!!!!!!
As for the actual things, i think i can do them all except for the sleigh ride at christmas. I will have to work on that one ROFL. Maybe decorate our wagon like a sleigh and dress Keith up as santa and make roxie the reindeer pull them HA HA HA Ha- ok, i defintely am liking this picture toooo much!!!!
As for the rest, their will be pictures!!! My babies deserve a vacation!!!!
With Love,


Jamie said...

OK this is SUCH a great idea Jaelle! So much fun!

jill said...

I think that is an awesome idea too!!
I think I am going to copy it. lol.
Those baths with candles would be on MY list of vactions at home.
I am anxious to see your photos.
Once again, thank you for sharing!

Wildwood Mama said...

Vacations are simply not an option for us right now due to, well, being poor and all :) so I think this is such a great idea!