Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our new baby

Well, we saw an ad in the paper, need to get rid of boston terrier, 6 months old, with papers, crate, etc for 150. umm... ok, so we checked it out- and fell in love. she is soo tiny and needs to be fed! she was left in her crate almost all the time, and she is a good addition to our family. We laughed when we heard her name " Pixie", which we thought went well with our "roxie". so here is apic of our new baby. Roxie thinks she is a chew toy right now, but they are warming up to each other! Cuties!


Jodi said...

I wished I could run across deals like that! My Boston is 10 years old. She is too cute!

Miranda said...

Awww, too cute! Congratulations!