Monday, November 3, 2008

school update!

My mom asked me this morning, are you even doing school with your kids?? why yes i am! I just havent written about it in awhile!
Here is some fun things we've been doing!
We are reading American Girls Kirsten books and we got a cookbook that has recipes like what she would have made, so we are going to have fun with that!
We are still doing alot on abraham lincoln, most recentely we have been working on making a handkerchief doll!
We are reading Little House on the Prairie, a long winter, and loving it.
We are doing all this plus the regular, reading, riting, and rithmatic! For science we are beginning to learn about animals, and looking forward to a trip to the zoo! For history we are still learning all about the pilgrims and indians, etc, in light of it being thanksgiving soon! For reading, Dylan is working hard in his Teach your child to read using the book of mormon workbook, and in his abeka readers! marlee is working hard on learning all the sounds that the letters make, and of course being read to constantly. She even "read" to me the other day! How fun! Sydney is so fun, she just jumps right in and does everything that dylan and marlee are doing!!
Math has been fun, dylan adores worksheets out of his workbooks. He has been working on probability, graphs, adding, subtracting, multiplication and more. The girls just got a new little m&m counting game that we will have fun with! Oh, i forgot, dylans apple that he has been observing, is really starting to get yucky! It is decomposing and he observes it every couple of days, the smell, texture, colors, etc and keeps a record of it. It is getting exciting how yucky it is getting!! We are just loving being a family and being blessed to be able to homeschool.
For gospel we are working on being thankful, and continuing to work on the living D&C 109:8

Right now the kids are making pb&j sandwiches to have an outdoor picnic. We are going to eat and read from our books!!! Love everyone!

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The Rich Family said...

I don't know how you do it!! I would be so afraid of trying to teach my kids everything at home. It sounds like you are doing a really great job though! Love you!