Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Being a mommy is hard sometimes...

My little guy dylan has an immunodeficiency and other health issues such as severe asthma/allergies and aspergers syndrome. He is amazing, a trooper, our hero. But some days it just breaks my heart. Today he got to spend the entire day with his nana and pop pop. A really special treat for him. They did all kinds of fun things, all that he got to choose like renting a movie, playing bingo, making cookies, and going out to lunch. He chose burger king because he wanted to go down the slide. My mom didnt realize that the slides at burger king make him sick. But Dylan had lots of fun, until about an hour later, when he had such a raging headache, he had to come home and get medicine. You see, the germs and dust on the slides, they make him so sick. He gets sick from so much, he can walk into walmart and come out with something. He is so amazing though, never complains, and so when he does actually say, my head hurts so much i cant open my eyes--- you know it is bad. Thankfully ibuprofen and benadryl along with his millions of other daily meds, helped him to get some relief and he is now sleeping soundly. It is so hard though. Especially when he wants to go play with other kids and hes sick, or they are sick and we have to protect him. Im just so blessed to have him, he really makes me a better person, i certainly think of him as my hero.


That redheaded one said...

Aww poor little guy. On one of Both of the boys good days we gotta get them together *HUGS*

Anonymous said...

I hate to hear that hun!!!
I don't know what to say?
Take Care