Monday, February 16, 2009

The Sickies

Well, we are finally over the stomach flu, knock on wood, and are now on to strep throat!! I took all three kids to dr yesterday, all three strep tests came back positivie, they have awful throats, rashes covering their entire bodies and very high fevers ( marlee's was 103.8 when we got to dr! Dylans was 102.5) So we are once again, disinfecting the house, cleaning up the puke from coughing, and dishing out motrin and antibiotics three times a day! Life is CRAZY at the Kaylor house!!!!
On to other news. This blog will be going through some awesome changes! First of all, you can now access it through and we will be getting an updated look! There will be more giveaways and lots of new cool things!!!! So exciting!
With Love,

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Jodi said...

Ugh... Hope that everyone feels better soon.