Thursday, February 12, 2009

Busy To Do Day

Doesnt that sound fun !! LOL.

My to do list is crazy today! I thought I would share so that one day, my kids will see how much I did!!!

*Baths for all three kids
*Take garbage to front for garbage man
*Take both dogs out, feed them, playtime, etc
*Clean up dirty clothes out of bathroom and get laundry started
*Get hashbrowns and turkey meatballs out of freezer for dinner tonight
*Work on paperwork for lawyer visit ( dont even ask, lol, not fun!)
* get new goodies put in goody bags for zoo day, organize prizes in a way that will make it easy to hand them out, make donation bucket and slips for prize drawings
*Call Lisa
*Have Marlee make her valentine for her penpal
*Make a valentine for Aunt Sandy
*Send out visiting teaching newsletters for my ladies
*Work on valentine lapbook for school, have dylan read from his ben franklin chapter book,
do spelling words
*Work on blogs
*Finish Laundry
*Get dishes done and dinner made
*Family Reading Time


Jill said...

I'm already tired from reading your to-do list! :)
I love your menu, by the way.
What time is dinner? Can we come? lol.
You are a good mom. No doubt your kids will always know how much you do for them and your family!

That redheaded one said...

Wow that is a great deal! It makes our lists at the Fuqua-LoPrete house look quiet.

Momtothreebabies said...

Yeah, it is a great list ladies-- but whose saying im going to get it all done! LOL
With Love,

The Rich Family said...

You have call me on your To Do list?! I have call Jaelle on my To Do list!!! How sweet is that! We really love each other dont we! My mother in law is in town again and has been a for a few days but I will still try to call you today or tomorrow! Love you lots!!