Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This past week.

Last week was a good week for the kids. Nana and Pop Pop took them on individual dates and they really enjoyed that. We also were able to play outside a few times last week and it really helps everyones spirits.
Monday Pop Pop took Marlee to burger king on their date. She had a great time going down the slide. Wednesday was Dylans day, he chose to spend the entire day at nana and pop pops. He got to play bingo, make cookies, and also go out to eat at burger king! Friday was Sydneys day, and she decided to go to Burger King also, and her and nana had a great day there.
Dylan put it nicely, he said " mom, thats how memories are made!"

Its been kind of a rough week for me with finally healing up from the kidney infection and all the big shots, etc they made me have. But this new week is certainly better. Today is tuesday. Yesterday we had a nice day, the kids played nicely and I got chores done and some cowboy stew made in the crockpot. We will have it for dinner tonight with cornbread! Today we are taking Aunt Vonnie to New London for an appt and Im going to finally mail my giveaway winners prize!!!! Wasnt expecting to be sick! LOL. I am excited to be getting more giveaways and contest going on this blog and also on the LDSforeverfamilies.com blog.
It is supposed to be beautiful out today, so after our appt with aunt vonnie, we will probably work on our valentines day lapbook, and then have lunch and go out and play. We are not doing full studies today, we have this neat lapbook project kit we will be working on. It is super neat, has vocabulary things and all kinds of cute stuff! Lots of fun work!
Well, that is our update! Bulldog is still for sale, lol!!!!! Driving me bananas!


Miranda said...

I'm sorry you've been so sick. Kidney infections are the worst. I'm glad the kids have had a good week. So fun they each had a 'date' with their grandparents. And yep, that's exactly how memories are made! :o) Feel better, Jaelle!

Ed said...

I thought you decided to keep the dog. Isn't that what you put in your facebook?