Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Dylan chose some books about dinosaurs at the library this past week. We have been entranced by them!! Now we want to know EVERYTHING about dinosaurs. So we have been looking up online some neat dinosaur unit studies, we are planning another trip to the library and we have been watching these neat documentaries on youtube. We just watched this one about how the dinosaurs became extinct. It fascinates me to watch Dylans brain soak in all the details of the rocks, the biology, the different layers of sediment, what the meteorites caused, etc all these different miniscule details, he just soaks up and tries it all out in his brain, then comes up with his own theories. He is such a cool kid! I am loving watching him learn, and also loving learn too!
The girls are watching sesame street right now, oh i love that show. I grew up on the street ! LOL.
Feeling better today, just very tired still. Trying to continue to take it easy. I did the dishes, put some laundry in, and Ive been reading to the kids and helping them with their studies, etc. It is only 9 am. A very long day to go. I hope I will make it!!!! Keith just called to tell me that he hurt himself at work again, this is becoming an every day thing, and that they may have to work all night to finish this project for the hospital. Apparently they are only giving them from 3 pm until 5 am to finish this huuuuge amount of work. So we will see what happens there, whether we will even see him tonight. I am proud of him for his job, he enjoys it, and it is important to him, and I feel bad that he stayed home with me on tuesday, so I wont complain if he works overnight! but i hope he will feel good about it, and not get sick or something. We'll see how it goes. He's a good guy!
I have been trying to exercise, but with being so sick, I have slacked off. I did lose some weight while sick, but come on, that doesnt count, lol!!!! Today Im going to try and just do some minor walking and stretching, to try and get my body to feel better. I am going to continue to rest alot today also, hoping that my body will get back to where it needs to be, so I can take the world by storm!!!!!!!

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CenzLuccsMom said...

I love Sesame Street too. We went through a year where the boys loved it too. We watched everyday! But, now that they are 2 1/2 they seem to be growing out of the phase and its so sad!!! We are going to the live show in a couple weeks so I am hoping that will renew their love!!