Monday, February 16, 2009


Ok, this was the worlds strangest weekend. First of all friday morning we awoke to a drug bust at the rental across the street. full swat team in MY front yard, because it was easiest access to the house. the freakin video is on youtube. anyway, so that was crazy, but thankfully went well i guess?? LOL. Made our neighborhood look not so good. Anyway, so saturday was valentines day and we got the kids some candy and cards and a movie, my parents brought over more candy and keiths parents brought over MORE candy. Well, to make a long story short, Dylans milk allergy has obviously gotten worse. He spent many hours through saturday night into sunday puking the candy up. He kept passing out and it was awful. So sunday we kind of just were in a daze, tired and worried, and then boom. weekend over. so strange. like it was never even there!
Today ( monday) everyone was feeling fine, so we headed over to a family from churchs house, they had an inspection on there house coming up wednesday and decided to move all the bedrooms around, etc before the inspection!!!! Crazy!!! So the kids played all day long with there kids, and us adults worked our batooties off trying to get things up the stairs and down the stairs and in this bedroom, then to this bedroom. I was soooo sore and tired when i got home!!! We had been there almost 6 hours!! Does that count for my workout for the day?? I was carrying boxes and tables and such up and down the stairs, surely that counts right??????
So tomorrow the kids ( and I) are excited because High School Musical 3 comes out. We didnt get a chance to see it in theaters, so we are pretty happy!!!! Im going to chillax tomorrow and play with my babies and watch HSM3, and then on wednesday we have a playdate with some new homeschool friends we've met here in Hannibal!! We are excited about that too! Thursday Keith is off work for our lawyer appts, yay, it will finally finally finally be over!!!! Then its friday, and the blessed weekend again!!!! I love having a clear calendar for weekends!!!
Well im off to bed. So i can get up and do life all over again!!!


Miranda said...

I'd say that definitely counts as your workout. Whew! I'm tired just reading that. What a crazy weekend. I hope you're not too sore this morning and I hope your little one is feeling better.

That redheaded one said...

YEP that is a workout!

That does sound like a crazy weekend I will have to remember Dylan's milk allergy

All this Puts an exclamation on my idea for all of us doesn't it?
There are far more Carob candy options Down in St Louis than in Hannibal... And other organic awesome options. Yoga suits and Trader JOES!!!

Jill said...

I agree with the whole workout idea! Way to go. That is service put into action. What an example!!

Your poor kids on V-day. They'll remember that one, for sure. lol.

And, the drug bust?? Wow - talk about excitement for the day . . . or the week. I am glad that they got the bad guys out of your neighborhood, though. Now you'll sleep safe and sound. :)

Hope your week is a good one!