Monday, February 2, 2009


We had a pretty good weekend, except I was still sick. Keith and I went eagle watching saturday morning then out to lunch, which was awesome. Then we took the kids to mark twain lake to the joanna trail, which was super fun but MUDDY!!! needless to say, they had big ole bubble baths when they got home, which i love, i love it when my babies smell so yummy from their baths and lotion and they are in their jammies and we all kick back and watch disney or something before bed. Oh yeah- we are still trucking along in raggedy andy for family reading time. it is so cute! I love family reading time, it really is one of my favorite times of the day.
Sunday was church. It was a beautiful testimony meeting and I was blessed to have two of my children go up and bear their testimonies! their wasnt a dry eye in the house when marlee bore hers, it is something special when an autistic child talks of her love of jesus. dylan did soo good also, he was so cute! i was a proud mama! They did great in primary and syd went home early with keith, she is so whiny at times, lol, but i think she really was just missing her daddy. she has a hard time when he is at work, she is a daddys girl.
today, i have been working on the site and also preparing to go to the doctor and possibly be admitted into the hospital. WIthout being to gross, i had a uti, which went into a severe kidney infection and now they are concerned their might be something blocking my kidneys and not allowing them to filter correctly. so i may be getting some iv antibiotics ( which im very happy for, cause im not liking taking three different antibiotics and not having them work!!!) and hopefully i will get better very very quickly!!!!!


That redheaded one said...

Oh honny feel better ok I love you *HUGS*

The Rich Family said...

Oh no! I hope everything is okay with you health wise!? I am sorry you might have to go to the hospital! That is so neat that two of your children bore their testimonies! How sweet! I will call you this week so you can tell me all about that and everything that is going on!